November 2018

From the President's Desk


As we go into the very crisp days of waning fall into winter we are starting to ramp up things here at the center.  We have had a few weddings, rentals and of course our first Friday céillis.  We also had our first Hallamór Fall series concert with the East Pointers.  All those who attended had a great time.

Speaking of attendance I want to be honest with you all.   We are looking into the future and not seeing much, as with everything expenditures are up and revenue, membership, and donations are down. As I have said time and time before,  YOU are the center, YOU make this what it is, YOU are the ones who have put in time, sweat, and energy into this great vision and mission.

When only an average of 60- 70 people attend an event or concert, it puts a lot of strain on the budget while, at the same time,  we are trying to stay as close to the line as we can.   We always hear of a restaurant closing and wonder why.  We loved going there.  When was the last time any of you went to an ICHC event?  Oh! A couple years ago...  We cannot survive on that.  No business can. PLEASE,tell friends, kids, grandchildren, family to donate, become a member, attend the concert, stay after the concert and have a drink with your friends and family.  Share your legacy for if you donít do it now there might not be one to share later.

On that note our next Hallamór Concert is Jimmy Keane which is on November 16th. Tickets are available  on our website   

As you may know we have had an issue with the phone lines over the last couple weeks. We are working on fixing the problem but as with all old buildings it is sometimes a puzzle to find the right route to take and the right wire to fix.

I want to let you know these issues so we can right the ship. I have been informed we have been through this storm before so itís my hope we will get to clear waters sooner than later. Fixing our problems starts with ALL of us.

See YOU at the Center.


Corey Webster
President, Board of Directors of the ICHC